When explaining some of the nuances of virtual reality to friends and family, they want to hear about the “games” or the “apps.” Yes, full experiences, or “titles” are an exciting part about any platform’s growth. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many full titles that are going to get people excited yet. Yes, there are some great games adapted for the Gear VR, there are amazing immersive and visually stunning games on HTC’s Vive and the Oculus, but it’s the simple “moments” that are getting people excited, I’ve found.

These moments are nothing more than demos of what’s to come, but shouldn’t be skipped or dismissed.

One such moment is the Golden State Warriors playing around with 360 degree immersive content. Again. It’s a small step, but as per usual, the Silicon Valley-area team is doing cool stuff with technology before any other professional team.

Check out this video…not a full immersive experience, just a moment, involving Steph Curry getting prepped for a game this week:

Facebook’s adoption of 360 degree video is doing wonders for getting people stoked about the possibilities in virtual reality. It’s moments like these that will get people interested and more importantly, coming back for more. Once you see the pre-game prep like this, why would you want to watch it any other way?

If you’re a diehard fan, you probably wouldn’t.

The video made you feel as if you were there along with the other photographers capturing Steph’s unique pre-game paces. Sure, you can’t do anything with the video other than watch and scroll around to different vantage points…but imagine a fully immersive experience from the NBA where you could choose any number of cameras to watch a game from, including from the “bench.” I mean, that’s a vantage point that I’d pay money to watch.

It’s coming, and the little moments along the way that get us there will make sure that there’s a sizable audience to appreciate it. Make people want more, not overwhelm them with tons of options…especially the ones not ready for prime time.

So far, so good.

Virtual reality will produce its own “Super Mario” or “Fallout” and by the time it does, the eyeballs will be ready to adopt titles and potential franchises.

Until then, let’s enjoy the moments and not rush it.

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