Armaggeddon A7 Ultra Heavyweight Computer Speakers 85 Watt RMS

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Powerful Bass and Treble: With a total power rating of 85 Watts RMS, the A7 plays out the highs and lows perfectly, nailing the audio range between 30Hz to 20KHz. Multi-driver satellites: The A7 is fully armed with [2 x 2.75Ó] and [1 x0.75Ó] audio drivers on each satellite. This intimidating armament redefines the world of quality audio. Stunning Subwoofer aegis: The metallic shield is built to withstand bass-line blasts and gives a reverberating presence to any set-up. In-line volume remote: Adjust the Bass and Treble levels conveniently with an attached controller. Optimize the settings to the desired output for different situations, be it gaming or casual use. The Armaggeddon A7 is the undisputed in-house heavyweight champion. Thanks to its multi-driver design, the A7 retains its audio clarity when belting out at 85 Watts RMS. The A7 easily dominates the soundscape with powerful atmospherics and audio fidelity. Being one of the largest 2.1 speaker systems available, the A7 is perfect for parties or movie watching. The subwoofer resonates with the lows of bass lines perfectly, while the satellites pitch in with its multi-driver design including a built-in tweeter to hit the high notes with ease. General Total Power: 85 Watts RMS Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20KHz S/N Ratio: 85 dB Distortion: < 1% THD (5 TD 300MA peak to peak source) Power Supply: 120/230Volts AC Sensitivity Input: 350mV Subwoofer Subwoofer Power: 55 Watts RMS Subwoofer Driver: 6.5" High Excursion Dedicated Ultra Low Bass Enclosure: 12mm MDF with aluminum front panel Enclosure type: 6TH order bass reflex Satellite Satellite Driver: 4 x 2.75" Full Range 2 x 0.75" Silk-Lined Dome Tweeter Satellite Power: 2 x 15 Watts RMS