Armaggeddon Assault Type MouseMat 41″ Rheinmetall Heavy Pile 5mm

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The Assault series of Armaggeddon mousemats, feature the fastest, sleekest glide, suitable for most users and creates the edge for competitive gamers. The Assault series is currently the only range of mousemats that come with our newest dimensions of 1mm Pile and 14? Parameter. Having a mousemat not only aids performance due to absorption of shocks from friction and bumps, but it also can improve comfort and discourage habits which result in RSIs (Repetitive Strain Injuries). All Assault mousemats come with a combination these 2 features: ¥Pile refers to the thickness and density of the mousemats. Density is determined by the intended usage, balancing between firmness and shock absorbency. ¥Parameter refers to the size of the mousemat, indicated by diagonal distance from corner to corner. The Rheinmetall 41″ measures at a massive 1000*400mm!!