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Armaggeddon GigaFreeze GF-600 Liquid Based Cooling System AMD/INTEL Compatible

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Liquid-based system: Liquid water has a thermal conductivity 25 times more AND a heat capacity 4 times better than air. This means that a liquid-based cooling system is much more efficient in removing heat compared to a fan-based system. Internal/External capabilities: Mount the radiator into the T6 or any compatible chassis for a hidden cooling system, or display it alongside your epic gaming rig. The choice is yours! Easy-to-install: Connect the tubes, wire up the components, and the GF-600 will be up and running. A detailed user manual is included for step-by-step instructions. Users can also contact our technical support staff for assistance. Processors are hot stuff! Ranging from an average core temperature of 50¡C hitting up to 90¡C, CPUs work hard to ensure that the whole system runs perfectly. Keeping the processor cool is a key factor in improving performance and prolonging shelf life. The GIGAFREEZE GF-600 is designed to do just that. It actively keeps the CPU chipset cool by removing heat via thermal conductivity. Utilizing the unique properties of liquid, the GF-600 is more effective than a fan-based cooling system. Using it in tandem with a fan-based system will maximize the cooling potential of a gaming rig. The GF-600 is a complete standalone set with its own pump, reservoir, radiator, cooling plates and pipes. Specifications: Supports AMD and Intel Matt black coated Dimension: W121 x D35 x H277mm Built-in 19mm flat tubes reduces flow resistance Built-in 1 row with 11 tubes 2 x G1/4″ tube bards Built-in Silent Water Pump Ultra Cooling Radiator Design Compact design Fully Compatible with Armaggeddon T6/T8 AND T9 (BUILT IN) Compatible with Armaggeddon T3 and T5 (With Hose ready at Rear) Compatible with all Gaming Chassis with Rear Hose Outlet Holes.