Armaggeddon Mouse Alien II G7 C.Blue

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High-grade optical sensor: Sensor rating up to 3200CPI. High-grade optical sensor detects motion acceleration up to 30G and 3600fps refresh rate. Macros x profiles: Intuitive software provided makes it easy to reassign mouse functions and macros. The G7 also save up to 5 macro profiles for different games or play styles. Dedicated on-board memory: Macro profiles will be saved into the 64kB on-board memory, making the G7 easily transportable for a plug-and-play system. Casual body grip: Stylish and ergonomic body contour gives a comfortable yet firm grip for long hours, whether itÕs for gaming or casual use. Designed for casual gamers, the Alien-II G7 is an awesome hybrid between a high-grade functional mouse and a programmable gaming mouse. Users can easily switch between 400CPI to 3600CPI using the CPI switch. With its Macro-able 7 buttons and scrolls, the G7 completes its build to be the perfect hybrid gaming mouse. The Alien-II G7 is coated with a unique rubberized compound that ensures comfort even after prolonged use. Its large Teflon feet surface area will ensure a smooth glide over most surfaces without compromising performance. Topped with a sleek alien design and pulsating illumination, the Alien-II G7 would make a fine addition to your PC peripherals. General ¥7 macro-able button gaming class optical mouse ¥On-the-fly adjustable CPI button: 400/ 800/1600/3200cpi ¥ 64kB dedicated memory ¥500Hz polling/second ¥Frame rate: 3600fps ¥Optical sensor: PAN 3305 ¥Acceleration: 30G ¥Up to 130 inches per second Packaging content ¥Armaggeddon Alien II G7 Mouse ¥CD Driver ¥User Manual ¥1 Set Teflon feet ¥2 years limited warranty