Armaggeddon Mouse AlienCraft G11 G.Metal

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Zirconia ceramic mouse feet: Zirconia has a low friction coefficient which provides seamless movement over various surfaces. It also has an extremely high density and fracture resistance and a melting point of 2715 ¡C, making this Òceramic steelÓ virtually indestructible. Avago 9500 Engine: LaserStream technology consists of Image Acquisition System (IAS) and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and utilizes a quadruple serial port. The IAS acquires microscopic surface images via the lens and illumination system, and the DSP calculates direction and distance for optimized motion tracking. Extreme CPI: On-board laser rating optimized at 5040CPI with self-adjusting frame rate up to 11,750fps. High speed motion detection at 150 inches-per-second with 30g force acceleration makes the G11 responsive to the fastest hand strokes. 10 fully programmable buttons: Remap every button or scroll on the mouse to your needs and desires, or add lengthy commands as a simple one-click macro. 64kB dedicated on-board memory saves 5 macro profiles. Adjustable weight cartridge: 6 x 4.1grams of magnetic weights gives absolute control over G11Õs firing load, giving soldiers the perfect feel of their weapon of choice. Soldiers can also add weights prior to battle for training under extreme conditions. The Aliencraft G11 sets the mark for an FPS-centered gaming mouse. The G11 is built with unique Zirconia ceramic mouse feet which provide seamless traction over various surfaces. Virtually indestructible, it is able to withstand the punishment of hardcore gamers, unlike Teflon. Powered by a 5040 CPI Avago laser engine, the G11 gives soldiers the perfect competitive edge on the battlefield. With 10 macro-programmable buttons and scrolls at its disposal, the Aliencraft G11 bestows full control and faster reflexes in-game. Save precious seconds on using that destructive spell, drinking that vital potion, or delivering that coup de gr‰ce. Up to five macro profiles can be saved, lavishing a grand total of 50 individual macros for multiple games or alternate characters. General ¥5040 CPI Avago 9500 Engine ¥9 Macro-able buttons ¥6 level adjustable magnetic weight cartridge ¥Advanced, detailed User Control Panel ¥ 64kB on-board memory ¥5 macro profiles for different games ¥Selectable Mood-Swing Pulsating LED Color FX ¥Compliance with IEC/EN60825-1 Eye Safety ¥On-chip laser fault detection circuitry ¥Zirconia Ceramic gaming mousefeet Packaging content ¥G11 laser class gaming mouse ¥CD driver + ARMacro-III software ¥6x 4.1g weights with cartridge ¥User Manual ¥2 years limited warranty