Armaggeddon Mouse Foxbat G.Metal

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The Mikoyan FoxBat is the first of our fighter-jet-inspired ÔSurvivorÕ series of mice. This range of mice focuses on the essential needs of gamers with relatively simplistic styling. The FoxBat operates on a reliable optical engine with a 4-level adjustable CPI system. The 4-level CPI adjustments between 400-3200CPI can be easily identified by the light indicator in the middle. With 5 Macro-able buttons and a 2-way scroll, users can save up to 7 different macros in each of the 3 profiles. This information is stored in the FoxBatÕs onboard memory which enables users to use their preferred settings on different computers without the reinstalling software or reconfiguration. The FoxBat is a relatively low-profile ambidextrous mouse, suitable for most gamers. 9 Level Weight Management Ð The 9-level weight management system will excite even the most ardent gamer as it will help hone your gaming endurance and skill. On-the-fly adjustable CPI button Ð The on-the-fly adjustable CPI button boasts an impressive range of 4 options Ð 400/800/1600/3200 CPI. This option gains the user greater control and awareness of the speed of the mouse cursor even midway through their game. The light indicator ensures that you are always aware of an in control of the sensitivity of your mouse. Design Utility Ð The pulsating LED light ensures suitable vision in the dark, without being in your face. Equipped with a 1.8m durable nylon cord and Teflon footpads, it gives you movement flexibility that you dream of. Further, in order to facilitate long-term utility from this mouse, it comes with additional Teflon footpads. This mouse also comes with a rubberized coating so that its grip is more comfortable for the user. Customizability Ð Truly customizable, this mouse comes with a 6 macros programmable button and an onboard memory of 64KB. All this and the 2-way click scroll ensure that with the Mikoyan FoxBat; itÕs your game, on your terms. General ¥Mouse Size: 123(L) X 70(W) X 38(H)mm ¥PixArt Optical sensor: PAW3305DK ¥6 Programmable button gaming class optical mouse ¥On-the-fly adjustable CPI button: 400/ 800/1600/3200cpi ¥Adjustable polling rate (/second): 125/ 500/ 1000Hz ¥Frame rate: 3600fps ¥Acceleration: 30G ¥High performance tracking speed: up to 70 inches per second ¥Macro-ableª gaming mouse with 64KB on-board memory ¥9-level weight adjustable system (9pcs/weight) ¥Pulsating LED light effect ¥Ultra-durable nylon cord ¥High quality Telfon foot pad