AudioBOX THOR 700 A2.1 Super Bass Speaker Set with FM & Time Functions

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AudioBOX Thor700 A 2.1 superbass speaker with a total system power of 40w. Comes with high clarity LED display for audio, FM functions and time. Features ¥Super high-excursion bass audio driver ¥Ultra low, deep bass for earth-shaking tremor effect ¥High clarity, full-function LED display for Audio, FM functions and Time ¥Optional Blue-Tooth plug-in device to enable seamless upgrade to Bluetooth Audio Technical Specifications ¥Satellite driver : 2 X 3″ ¥Satellite driver impedance : 4? ¥Subwoofer driver : 5.25″ ¥Subwoofer driver impedance : 8? ¥Satellite output power (RMS) : 2 X 10W ¥Subwoofer output power (RMS) : 20W ¥Total system power (RMS) : 40W ¥Frequency resonse : 20Hz ~ 20KHz ¥Signal-to-Noise ratio : >=70dB ¥Distortion : ?0.5% (1K, 1W)