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Reeven Coldwing 12cm 2000RPM 3pin (Molex Adapter Included) Fan

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Reeven Coldwing 12 High Flow full Speed 2000rpm 12cm Fan Auto Shut Down and Restart High Air-Flow Inner-flow channel without separation for better cooling efficiency Engineered to supply with high air-flow and static pressure FAN DIMENSION Bearing Type MTTF VOLTAGE WEIGHT W120 x H120 x D25mm sleeve bearing 30.000hrs 12V 155g FAN SPEED AIR FLOW STATIC PRESSURE NOISE LEVEL CURRENT RPM CFM inch H2O dBA A 2000 106.7 0.114 36.6 0.38 For More Information about this product Visit: http://www.reeven.com/cold-wing-12/ Reviews: http://www.actualidadhardware.com/review-reeven-coldwing-12-silent-y-silent-performance-pwm/ http://www.eteknix.com/reeven-coldwing-12-fan-series-review/ http://www.dvtests.com/reeven-coldwing-120mm-silent-and-120mm-silent-perf-with-pwm-review/ http://www.actualidadhardware.com/review-reeven-coldwing-12-silent-y-silent-performance-pwm/