SonicGear Morro 2 2.1 Speaker Set Red with Wooden Sub Woofer

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The new and improved Morro 2 (January 2013 onwards) features a 5V USB port for charging your small media devices as well. This port is compatible with our new detachable Bluetooth dongle that adds an extra Bluetooth capability to your speakers. This means simply pairing your device and remotely playing tunes from your smartphone via Bluetooth (we canÕt wait either!) The redesigned Morro 2 is all about bringing greater depth to your music. This 2.1 speaker system will help you rediscover a new richness to your old music that you didnÕt realize it could have. The sleek and sophisticated grille design with superior finishing serves as a perfect cover to its tough, compact wooden subwoofer. This wooden subwoofer is why the Morro 2 will produce deep and warm tones. With its sleek and beautiful design, we know the Morro 2 could complement both the visual and aural atmosphere of your house! Features Bass-Reflex 2.1 system Side-access power button and volume control panel USB 5V port for charging small media devices; compatible with Bluetooth-enabling dongle for playing music remotely from Bluetooth media device High performance bass audio Technical Specifications General AU Plug Satellite Driver Size : 2 X 2.5″ Frequency Response : 180Hz ~ 20KHz Output Power (RMS) : 3 watts X 2 Impedance : 4 Ohms (?) Subwoofer Driver Size : 4″ Frequency Response : 40Hz ~ 200Hz Output Power (RMS) : 19 watts Impedance : 8 Ohms (?)