Universal Emergency Mobile Charger with 5 Connect

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This emergency mobile charger allows you to plug in & talk, anytime, anywhere. Connectorss for: Nokia, Mini Nokia, Mini USB, Sony Ericsson & Samsung. The Mini USB connector for Motorola Razr V, Blackberry and Bluetooth Headsets.


‰Û¢ Connectors; Nokia, Mini Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung.
‰Û¢ Mini USB Connector; Motorola Razr V, Blackberry Bluetooth Headsets.
‰Û¢ Reusable: power up again & again.
‰Û¢ Powerful: Talk for up to 2.5hrs on 1 AA battery.
‰Û¢ Convenient: Just connect to your home phone & talk whilst charging.
‰Û¢ Portable: Take it with you for emergencies, travel, work, camping & other activities.