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Armaggeddon A3 Compact Satellite Speakers with Subwoofer 46 Watt RMS

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Compact satellite speakers with subwoofer: When space is a luxury, the petite A3 is a perfect companion to any system. But donÕt take its size for granted, the A3 still packs a lot of heat. Powerful Bass and Treble: The A3 is a classic 2.1 speaker system which delivers quality highs and lows. With its resonating subwoofer, the A3 will satisfy any power-hungry gamer. Classic wooden body: The A3 is cased in an elegant wooden body that will look great on any display set-up. The retro image is complimented by its impressive audio quality, making the A3 a popular choice amongst users. The Armaggeddon A3 may be small and compact, but it definitely packs an explosive punch. With its twin satellite speakers and resounding subwoofer, every gritty audio detail is amplified to give an immersive soundscape. Built with our signature anti-distortion technology and improved signal-to-noise ratio, users can enjoy intricate polyphonic harmonies with lavish audio clarity. The A3 comes with the standard master volume control, as well as Bass and Treble control. Select and amplify details that matter in-game to source out enemies around the corner for the perfect assault. The powerful subwoofer will deliver palpable pulsating bass line, and the satellite speakers will add to the impressive soundscaping with well-placed directional audio and tweeter. The subwoofer and satellite speakers come in a wooden body for a refined finishing look. The satellites have its outputs cased with a metallic mesh to protect the driver, without affecting audio quality. General Total Power 46 Watts RMS Freqency Response: 40Hz – 20 KHz S/N Ratio: >80 dB Distortion: < 1 % THD (Std 300 mA peak-to-peak source) Audio Input: 3.5 mm jack Control: Master Volume / Bass / Treble Electrical Power: 230 V - 250 V 50Hz Subwoofer Bass and Treble Volume Control 5.25" Low Freqency Driver Power Output : 30 Watts (RMS) Satellite Hard Metal Finishing Design 3" + 1" Full Range Driver Power Output : 2 x 8 Watts (RMS) Size and Weight: Satellite Size: W95mm x H167mm x D125mm x2 Subwoofer Size: W260mm x H200mm x D290mm Total Weight: 6.50KG