Armaggeddon AMG Trooper Hybrid 17 Notebook Bag

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Armaggeddon Trooper Bag: The Ultimate Gaming Laptop Bag: Urban Trooper: Made from high quality all black nylon, the Urban Trooper is a part of our Military All Black series of products which feature simple designs coupled with durable and comfortable finishing. Its colour and overall shape make it not only suited for gamers, but also students and business people alike. Hybrid Trooper: As the name suggests, this design incorporates the digital urban camouflage print to for a balance between design and pragmatism. The front portions of the bag are largely in a grey scale urban digital camouflage print, to give the bag its bold character while the back portions, including the straps and mobile phone compartment are all black so that there is little chance of a mismatch between the bagÕs straps and oneÕs outfit. Stealth Trooper: The Stealth Trooper is an all-out gaming bag design, using strong and characteristic urban digital camouflage print to give it its unique look. Armed with large and rugged black zippers as well as a uniquely moulded EVA back support (which also provides ventilation), the Stealth Trooper embraces the beauty of urban camouflage, keeping all the details (including the logos and custom-made earphone jacks) within the greyscale of the camouflage print.