Seasonic Platinum Series 80Plus Platinum 860W PSU (Version 2)

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XP2 (80+Platinum) Model: P-660XP/ P-760XP/ P-860XP

Main difference (to compare with previous model):

  • Add 660W and 760W in XP product family.
  • New 860XP become smaller: L 190*W 150* H 86mmå¬å_ L 160*W 150* H 86mm
  • full Black color for new XP series
  • Wire: use black flat module wire
2 Full Modular Design (DC to DC)
The Platinum Series features a high-tech LLC/full-bridge circuit topology with a unique integrated DC Connector Panel with an embedded Voltage Regulator Module. This design contributes to a near-perfect DC-to-DC conversion that optimizeefficiency by reducing current loss and impedance.
3 Seasonic Hybrid Silent Fan Control
An industry first, advanced 3 phased (Fanless, Silent and Cooling Mode)thermal control balances between silence and cooling. In addition, a selector switch is provided to allow you to select between the Seasonic S2FC control, without fanless mode or the S3FC fan control, with fanless mode.


5 80+ Platinum
The Platinum Series, certified in accordance to the 80PLUS highest standards, offers the newest technology and innovation for performance and energy savings with up to 92% efficiency and a true power factor of greater than 0.9PF.

Special Features:

  • 80PLUS? Platinum Certified Super High Efficiency
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • DC Connector Panel with Integrated VRM [Voltage Regulator Module]
  • DC to DC Converter Design
  • Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF Typical]
  • Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors
  • High Reliability 105℃ Japanese Grade A Capacitors
  • High Current Gold Plated Terminals
  • Tight Voltage Regulation [åÁÌÛ2%]
  • High +12V Output
  • “al Sided PCB Layout
  • Seasonic Patented Hybrid Silent Fan Control
  • Sanyo Denki San Ace Silent Fan
  • Ultra Ventilation [Honeycomb Structure]
  • Full Modular Cabling Design
  • Multi-GPU Technologies Supported
  • All-in-One DC Cabling Design
  • Easy Swap Connector
  • Universal AC Input [Full Range]

Product Information:

  • Dimension: W190 x L150 x H86 mm
  • AC input & DC output voltages (Full Rang: 100-240V (Max 90-264V), 13-6.5A, 50/